Behind the Wheel

2023 Genesis G80 Electrified — Electric Luxury Genesis-Style

2023 Genesis G80Model tested: 2023 Genesis Electrified G80

Engine: 136 kW front and rear electric motors

Battery: 87.2 kWh

Horsepower: 365

Torque: 516 lb.-ft.

EPA ratings: 105/city, 89/highway, 35 kWh per 100 miles

Base price: $79,825

As tested: $81,495

Overview: The 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 is the all-electric version of the Hyundai’s luxury brand’s popular midsize, gas-powered G80 sedan. It boasts eye-pleasing styling, countless standard features and strong, but comfortable driving manners. As a single-trim model loaded with goodies, the Electrified G80’s starting price is $79,825.

Walkaround: No matter at what angle you view it, the Electrified G80 — like the gas version — looks pretty spectacular since it’s the same body. However, the Electrified G80 has its own unique grille with an integrated charging port door and distinctive rear bumper with no exhaust pipes. Exclusive 19-inch wheels round out the package. It will take a sharp eye to know this G80 discreetly runs on electricity instead of gasoline. It doesn’t shout, “I’m electric!” — something many buyers may desire. The G80 Electrified’s extensive use of aluminum for body panels is even more invisible, saving weight to help counter those heavy batteries. Nine paint colors are available, with the exclusive Matira Blue named after a beach in Bora Bora.

2023 Genesis G80Interior: Unsurprisingly, the Electrified G80’s interior mimics the standard G80 — meaning it’s posh, comfortable and laden with technology. While the standard G80 has a roomy rear seat, the Electrified version is a bit snug to make room for the batteries. The driver’s seat is all-day comfortable and boasts being heated and cooled, featuring a massage function for both legs and back. Instrumentation is a 12.3-inch 3D display, with a 14.5-inch widescreen display handling the infotainment chores. Another smaller screen below displays climate functions. There are also plenty of actual buttons to control climate and audio functions. The leather-wrapped steering wheel with redundant controls is heated as well. A prominent round dial controls infotainment functions, and a similar round dial below that acts as the gear shifter. The Electrified G80 offers three interior colors — including an unexpected Dark Lagoon Green besides the standard black and brown. Finally, a moonroof is not available — even as an option — to save weight, and the trunk is slightly smaller than the standard G80.

Behind the wheel: The Genesis Electrified G80 feels exactly like what it is — a big, luxurious, all-electric executive highway cruiser. With motors front and rear, the total horsepower is 365 — just 10 less than the twin-turbo V6 in the G80 Sport. As with the G80 Sport, all-wheel drive is standard in the Electrified G80. In normal mode, the all-electric Genesis G80 is smooth and whisper-quiet. It feels perfectly at home cruising the freeway. Switching to sport mode and punching the accelerator, the 516 lb.-ft. of torque — 125 lb.-ft. more than the top gas version — will quickly pin you to the seat. It isn’t exactly a sports sedan, but handles competently on mountain roads with a good grip and steering feel. Using the paddle shifters on the steering wheel lets you cycle through levels of regenerative braking, from none to maximum, which allows one-pedal driving to a full stop.

Bottom line: This is a great car with all the luxury you expect from Genesis — except the range. While it’s estimated at 282 miles, we rarely saw 235. Like the BMW 430i Gran Coupe, for $80,000-plus, it needs to go farther.