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2022 Mini Cooper S Hardtop

Model Tested: 2022 Mini Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door

The 2022 Mini Cooper S Hardtop has always been available with a variety of unique and colorful roof treatments. This latest one is the Multitone Roof.

Engine:  2.0-liter turbocharged I-4, 189 horsepower, 207 lb-ft torque

Transmission: 7-speed automatic, front-wheel-drive

EPA Rating: 28-mpg city, 38-mpg highway, 31-mpg combined

Base Price: $26,900

As Tested: $36,250


Peppy, turbocharged engine

Very nimble, fun to drive

A blast on twisty country roads

Good fuel economy—our best was 36.6-mpg highway

The Multitone Roof colors fades from to back and look different in varying light conditions.

Pretty smooth auto stop/start feature

Great head up display

Paddle shifters

Drive modes: Sport, Mid, Green

Available 6-speed manual transmission


Excellent comfort and supportive front seats

Manual adjustments

Thigh support

Deep bolsters

Seat height pump

Heated seats (3 temps)

Mini Cooper S front seat room and comfort is great, but the back seat is very snug.

Stretch-out front legroom

Extra thick, contoured leather steering wheel

Good tilt/telescopic range

Snug back seat


Small cargo area

Extra space below removable floor section

Panoramic sunroof brightens interior

Very small console bin, more of a phone holder

Narrow front door bins

The Mini Cooper S steering wheel is thick and nicely contoured. The large central infotainment screen is easy to see.

Small sun visors but extra visor on driver side

Large central circular infotainment screen

Medium size glovebox, but no lock

WOW Factors:

It’s a fun car, loaded with personality

Great city car, easy to park, darts through traffic

Excellent head up display

Wild color-shifting multi-tone roof paint 


Low profile tires transmit a lot of road noise

All the various Mini models are great for city parking.

Tight backseat unless fronts are up a lot

Poor steering wheel auxiliary controls

Expensive options boost price

Bottom Line:

The 2022 Mini Cooper S hardtop 2-door is a fun car. It’s loaded with personality. It makes you smile when you drive it and when you look at. The Mini has plenty of quirks and shortcomings, but its fun factor overrides things you wouldn’t tolerate in a more boring car. The Mini Cooper S received a facelift for 2022, but its look is still definitely Mini. The 2022 Mini Cooper S isn’t a perfect car, but it is perfectly fun.

Minis often come in a variety of special editions, such as this Anniversary Edition.