Flash Drive

2021 Toyota GS Supra

Model Tested: 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0

The 2021 Toyota GR Supra is distinctively styled and even harder to miss in Nitro Yellow.

Engine:  2.0-liter turbocharged I-4, 255 horsepower, 295 lb-ft torque

Transmission: 8-speed automatic, rear-wheel-drive

EPA Rating: 25-mpg city, 32-mpg highway, 28-mpg combined

Base Price: $42,990

As Tested: $48,040


Turbocharged four-cylinder engine is peppy

Smooth automatic transmission

The Supra has a handy hatchback that holds a decent amount of cargo.

Sport mode greatly ups fun quotient

Reasonable highway ride

Performance tires noisy on some surfaces

Very responsive suspension

Highly entertaining on twisty roads

Good commuter, easily darts through traffic

Good fuel economy—our best was 28.0 mpg


Great, supportive seats

The seats are very comfortable and supportive.

Semi-deep bolsters

Power driver lumbar support

Seat height pump

Excellent stretch-out legroom both seats

Very good headroom

Medium thick contoured leather steering wheel

Very good tilt/telescopic range

OK auxiliary controls


Pretty good cargo space for a sports car

The steering wheel and controls are all excellent.

Rear hatch opens high

High lift-over

Flat cargo deck

Big speakers take up some cargo space

Very small door bins

No console bin

Small sun visors

WOW Factors:

Wild styling, but a little polarizing

High visibility Nitro Yellow color

Comfortable cabin once you get in

Very comfortable, supportive seats

Responsive engine, smooth transmission

The side profile shows the radically sloped roof, which hampers entry.

Very nimble, great fun to drive

Good value proposition


Low roofline makes entry challenging, but ample room once inside

Tall people have to duck and twist to get in

Tiny door bins

Interior small item storage lacking

Info screen controls not very intuitive

Bottom Line:

The 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0 is the four-cylinder version of the wilder six-cylinder Supra. The

The Toyota Supra comes in an array of distinctive colors.

turbocharged four-cylinder still offers ample power and the nimble chassis is great fun to drive on challenging roads. The automatic transmission and paddle shifters are quite athletic in Sport mode. The GR Supra also makes a fun commuter as it can slip through traffic easily and fit into small parking spaces. It also has ample package space in the rear hatch area.