2020 Lexus RC F Coupe

Model Tested: 2020 Lexus RC F 2-DR Coupe

The 2020 Lexus RC F coupe is a car that looks great in motion and is the most fun that way.

Engine:5.0-liter V-8, 472 horsepower, 395 lb-ft torque

Transmission: 8-speed automatic, rear-wheel-drive

EPA Rating: 16-mpg city, 24-mpg highway, 19-mpg combined

Base Price: $64,900

As Tested: $79,718


Impressive, exciting acceleration

Beautiful engine/exhaust sounds, but not raucous

The Lexus RC coupes come in several performance levels including the RC F Track Edition in the foreground and the RC F next to it.

Launch button for exciting starts

Crisp shifting transmission

Paddle shifters

Powerful Brembo brakes

Adaptive variable suspension

Athletic suspension, but not jarring

Limited slip differential

19-inch forged alloy wheels

Michelin Pilot Sport tires

Reasonable fuel economy if driven moderately

All Lexus RC interiors have great front seats. The depth of the side bolsters goes up with the performance levels.

Our best easy highway mileage was 25.9-mpg


Great front seats

Deep supportive bolsters

Heated and ventilated seats

Superior legroom

Very nice, thick, contoured leather steering wheel

Power tilt/telescopic steering column

Back seat best for coats, luggage, or packages, not people

Stylish wheels and big, muscular brakes are another constant on the various Lexus RC variants.

Large doors open very wide

High quality interior materials and design

Nicely padded armrest over console bin


Narrow door bins

Folding rear seat

Flat trunk floor

Good size cargo pass through

OK Lexus infotainment touchpad, but not the greatest

Locking glovebox

The Lexus RC F Track Edition is easily spotted by its large rear wing.

WOW Factors:

Crisp, handsome styling

Impressive V-8 performance

Great seats and interior comfort

Very fun to drive, but not harsh


Substantial price increase over less powerful RC models

Tight back seat

Bottom Line:

We previously drove and reviewed the 2020 Lexus RC300, which was a beautiful, comfortable grand touring luxury sport coupe. A big

All the Lexus RC coupe styling cues are crisp and sleek with an air of athleticism.

disappointment was that its performance didn’t match its looks. The 260 horsepower V6 was pleasant and smooth, but bland. The similarly handsome 2020 Lexus RC F coupe with its 472 horsepower V-8, upgraded suspension, and performance brakes totally changed the car’s personality. The Lexus RC F looks athletic and it is. It’s still very comfortable and a great long distance touring car for two, but you’ll find yourself searching for twisty backroads, not avoiding them. The 2020 Lexus RC F Coupe is a great blend of luxury and performance.