Flash Drive

2020 Honda Ridgeline

Model Tested: 2020 Honda Ridgeline AWD RTL-E

The Honda Ridgeline can tow up to 5,000 pounds which enough for most recreational/part-time users.

Engine:3.5-liter V6, 280 horsepower, 262 lb-ft torque

Transmission: 9-speed automatic, all-wheel-drive

EPA Rating: 19-mpg city, 24-mpg highway, 21-mpg combined

Base Price: $42,020

As Tested: $43,140


Smooth highway ride

Impressive fuel economy—we got 24.8-mpg highway heavily loaded and 26.1-

The current Ridgeline styling includes a gap between the cab and bed for more of a traditional pickup look.

mpg empty in Eco mode

Lane keeper feature felt slightly intrusive

Heavy-duty transmission cooler

Competent all-wheel-drive

5,000lb towing capability

Excellent safety features


Comfy, captain’s chair front seats

Driver power lumbar

Heated front seats (3 temps)

Interior space, comfort, flexibility, and utility are all big pluses of the Ridgeline.

Stretch-out front legroom

Three-adult rear seat room

Middle position firm, but OK

Flat floor

Wide rear armrest with cupholders

Medium thick, slightly contoured, heated, leather steering wheel

Ample/good auxiliary controls


Five-foot bed sufficient for most

Fold-up rear seats allow for lots of flexible backseat cargo possibilities.

homeowner uses

Dual-action tailgate (side-hinged/traditional)

The Honda Ridgeline has a huge “trunk” or locking storage compartment under the bed floor. It can be used as a giant ice chest, too.

Flat floor accommodates 4-foot wide plywood

Eight tie-down hooks

Two bed lamps

Huge, 20-inch deep locking storage bin/trunk under bed floor

Textured bed floor

Fold-up rear seats for versatile storage

Class III receiver hitch

Two large seatback pouches

Large front door bins

Big, deep console bin with sliding cover

The dual-action tailgate can open from the side or in the traditional manner.

Locking, medium size glovebox

Large visors, but no sliding feature

WOW Factors:

A very sensible blend of passenger and truck qualities

Car/SUV-like ride and truck-like utility

Huge locking compartment (with drain) under truck bed

Dual-action tailgate

Lots of storage under rear seats

Bed-mounted audio system for

All-wheel-drive models have good off-road and snow capabilities.



Tailgate kind of heavy

No rear door bins

Didn’t like feel of lane keeping assist

Bottom Line:

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline AWD RTL-E is a perfect combination passenger car/SUV/pickup for people who are honest about their needs. As a unibody pickup the Ridgeline isn’t as heavy duty or towing capable as big body-on-frame trucks, but it’s a superior everyday, active family, homeowner, multipurpose vehicle. The Honda Ridgeline is a great common sense urban crew cab pickup.