Flash Drive

2019 Lexus IS 350

Model Tested: 2019 Lexus IS 350 F Sport AWD Sedan

The 2019 Lexus IS 350 and IS 300 are the compact models of the Lexus lineup. The F Sport V-6 is the top performer.

Engine:3.5-liter V-6, 311-horsepower 280 lb-ft torque

Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel-drive

EPA Rating: 19-mpg city, 26-mpg highway, 21-mpg combined

Base Price: $44,095

As Tested: $53,437


Strong engine

Excellent acceleration

Paddle shifters

Multiple performance modes dial (Eco to Sport Plus)

The Lexus IS models have one of the best looking versions of the often polarizing Lexus grille.

Push button for snow driving

Sporty performance

Our best economy was 28.6-mpg highway

Excellent two-person touring machine


Super stretch-out front legroom at the expense of rear seat

Snug backseat, but good headroom

Huge floor tunnel impacts middle seating position

Soft, wide rear armrest with cupholders

The Lexus IS front seats are comfortable and supportive. Legroom is ample.

Good range tilt/telescopic column

Supportive seats, medium deep bolsters

Soft headrests

Driver power lumbar control

No passenger lumbar control

Heated and cooled front seats (3 temps)

Very nice, thick, contoured, perforated leather steering wheel

Heated steering wheel

OK auxiliary controls

Nicely padded armrests

Quality interior materials

Backseat comfort and headroom are excellent, but legroom depends on where the front seats are positioned.


Medium to small trunk

Flat trunk floor

High lift-over

Split folding seats fold flat

Big height difference between trunk and folded seats

Small, odd shaped console bin

Small locking glovebox with huge owner’s manual

Medium size front door bins with bottle notches

Two seatback pouches

The Lexus IS steering wheel and controls are in keeping with the car’s sporty nature.

No rear door bins

WOW Factors:

Handsome styling

One of the best uses of the signature Lexus grille

Quality, comfortable interior for front occupants

Excellent engine and suspension

Fun to drive on twisty roads


Tight backseat

Not much interior small items storage space

The side profile is uncluttered and handsome with elements that suggest forward motion.

Expensive navigation/audio option

Bottom Line:

The 2019 Lexus IS 350 with the F Sport package is a compact luxury sedan that offers a nice mix of luxury and performance in a small, nimble package. The small size increases the athleticism, but it also compromises rear seat and trunk space. The Lexus IS 350 offers spirited driving in an upscale environment.