2011 Ford F150 Raptor: Serious Off-Roader

By Lary Coppola
When I first saw the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, the first thing I wanted to do was emit a manly grunt ala Tim Allen.
Except for commercial uses, trucks in America generally are never used to their full capabilities, but serve a few basic purposes — like hauling stuff for weekend projects or towing RVs and boats. And while engineering has taken the rough edges off most trucks, driving them daily usually means compromising on ride quality, tolerating a huge turning radius and parking issues, along with awkward handling compared to your average car.
This is truly a guy’s truck — and not for wussy guys either. But in spite of it’s manly appearance, to truly appreciate the Raptor’s capabilities, you’ll need to drive it fast over rough terrain, because flat out is how this truck is engineered to be driven.