Nissan Boasts 20 Percent of Leaf’s Production Sold Out

Nissan has announced that buyers of its all-electric Leaf, have already reserved more than 20 percent of the first year’s production. According to automaker, about 6,600 U.S. customers, and 3.700 in Japan have paid the $99 reservation fee. Nissan will build about 50,000 Leaf cars the first year. The automaker has said it wants to have about 40 percent of production reserved by December, when the car goes on sale.

Nissan began taking reservations for the Leaf on Tuesday.
The all-electric hatchback is priced at $32,780. But a federal tax credit of $7,500 for electric vehicles, coupled with tax credits from some individual states will help reduce the price to at least $25,280.
Nissan said that about 75 percent of its U.S. reservations are for the higher-end SL model, and about the same percentage is from what the automaker calls its primary launch markets: Tennessee — the U.S. Headquarters of Nissan — as well as Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona.