New Site is a Craigslist for Car Parts

California software company Bintelsoft, Inc, has debuted a new web search engine for car parts at CheckaNumber makes it easy to find parts within a specific zip code. The site features parts inventories from dealers, parts stores, warehouse distributors and others. It also includes an “eBay” style marketplace, where any dealer items may be posted with details and pictures.

“Our new site is the perfect place to easily find car parts.” stated Ole Stein, CEO of Bintelsoft Inc. “We have also created a special link for auto dealers to sell their inventory. This is a great opportunity for recently closed dealerships.” also offers relief to dealers stunned by recent dealership closings, and makes it possible for closing dealers to expedite their sales of parts, accessories, shelving, tools, shop equipment, computers, phones and furniture. They may even advertise their buildings and property. All items may also be uploaded
to eBay, craigslist and worldslist using CheckaNumber’s automated quick links.